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Most RV appliances run on electricity, supplied through several different sources – usually either propane or gas generator, or a set of 12V batteries supplied directly through “shore power” (i.e., the power grid at a campsite or at home). RV solar panels and systems are becoming more popular, however. By far, the fastest-growing method for supplying your RV with all the power it might need both at home and between campsites is through the sun. Solar power technology has come a long way since its inception – and here at Central Coast RV, we offer clients a complete installation of RV solar panels and systems, starting at less than a grand.


Solar cells are compact, efficient and provide most RVs with more than enough power to supply all on-board appliances while keeping the batteries charged through the nighttime and poor weather. But there are many RV solar panels and power systems for owners to choose from nowadays. It isn’t like the old days where solar power was a luxury and prohibitively expensive to install and employ. It’s now a real alternative and an option for everyday RV owners looking for a reliable source of renewable energy for their appliances. Solar power works on the principles of the photovoltaic effect.

Certain types of material release electrons when exposed to the protons in sunlight. Specially made cells utilizing these materials absorb sunlight and generate a direct current (DC), converted into an alternating current (AC) through an inverter in the system. This AC energy is distributed throughout the RV and is fed into batteries. These deep-cycle batteries let your RV appliances draw power when the cells work below capacity, like at nighttime. If you’ve been running off of shore power thus far, the chances are that you’ve already got the batteries you need.

While RV solar panels can still require a bit of care to install and maintain, they’re a great alternative if you don’t want to worry about fuel costs or fuel storage. Plus, you’ll have access to renewable energy that’s available virtually anywhere, saving you a few trips between campsites to fuel up on shore power. The biggest downside to a solar power kit is that you have to install it, to begin with. But that’s where we come in.


There are hundreds of choices on the market now, and the right one will depend entirely on how many appliances you’re running, how much power you’re consuming, and whether you’re looking for price versus performance, a secure high-power solar kit, flexible or rigid panels, or the most portable solution available. In other words, there is no easy answer. But thankfully, we offer free estimates to any clients interested in a solar setup of their own. Depending on your setup, our prices for a full RV solar system start at $795. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and learn more about our RV solar systems.

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