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What makes an RV a home on wheels? Is it the four walls and windows? Or is it the furnishing and RV appliances that make it possible to travel in comfort? At Central Coast RV, we work hard to ensure that the RVs our clients bring us continue to serve them as spaces of relaxation and luxury. Our technicians service and repair all major brand RV appliances, and are certified and factory trained. We primarily work on furnaces, water heaters, awnings, stoves, refrigerators, and AC units.

  • Airxcel®
  • Norcold® Inc.
  • And more!!


Water Heaters

A functioning water heater is one of the most essential RV appliances. The water heater is responsible for that home feeling of warm showers, hot baths, and that critical water temperature to really get those dishes clean. Water heaters can also be a needy piece of equipment. Many systems need to be winterized, and require regular maintenance to avoid corrosion, leaks, and heating issues. Some of the services we offer to keep your RV water heaters maintained and in top shape include:

  • Leak check.
  • Gas pressure check.
  • Full heating system inspection.
  • Cleaning out debris in your water hoses/pipes.
  • Testing and replacing control boards, thermostats, ignition systems, and more.

We service water heaters in various sizes, as well as tankless systems.


The stove is an everyday essential both at home and on the road. But like any other RV appliance, it can cease to function without regular maintenance and check-ups. Problems with your propane flow, corroded burners, busted controls, or poor LP pressure are just a few of the issues that might be keeping you from making regular use of one of your RV’s most important cooking appliances. We keep your stove regular by:

  • Adjusting gas pressure.
  • Repairing the stove hood.
  • Testing for propane leaks.
  • Testing and replacing stove controls.
  • Checking and maintaining the burners.
  • And more.


A busted refrigerator can quickly turn a fun holiday outing into a total nightmare. A properly-stocked fridge is essential on longer trips, and when all that good food goes bad, well – you get the picture. RV refrigerators can fail for any number of reasons. We help keep that from happening before a big trip by:

  • Inspecting and repairing leaks.
  • Removing debris to optimize air flow.
  • Inspecting the radiator and coolant units.
  • Testing and replacing the refrigerator’s sensors and control board.

Air Conditioning (AC) Units

Getting your RV ready for harsh temperatures – whether it’s freezing out or 100 degrees in the shade – is critical for nearly any time of the year. That’s what your AC should be ready for – but disuse and lack of maintenance can lead to clogged filters, malfunctioning heating units, and poor air flow. We maintain AC units by:

  • Inspecting heating elements.
  • Testing and replacing blower motors.
  • Removing and cleaning out clogged filters and debris.
  • Testing and replacing capacitors and the control board.

RV appliances can break down without regular maintenance, especially if your RV goes unused for much of the year. Scheduled servicing can save you thousands of dollars on replacement costs and extensive repairs, and help you get the most bang for your buck. We recommend that you get your appliances serviced at least once a year. Our annual service packages include appliance check-ups and repairs on the Platinum Package level, and we provide free repair estimates through our contact form below. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Mechanical Certifications

Our qualified and trusted RV Technicians offer excellent and reliable customer service, and hold multiple professional RV certifications, including:

RV Master Technician - Central Coast RV Service
Good Sam Club - Central Coast RV Service
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