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RV Circuit Board Service

RV circuit boards play an important role in every device and appliance in your camper, from the stove and oven range to the water heater, AC unit, or generator. Each circuit board is factory built, designed to be easily installed and replaced, and created to manage the functionality of each application.

Every board is constructed with soldered conductive materials on an insulating plastic substrate (most often made of so-called glass epoxy) and protected with a solder mask. Circuit boards replace older wiring systems, and they’re both safer and more efficient.

Circuit boards aren’t exactly flimsy, but they can and do break. Moisture can lead to circuit board corrosion, ruining the electrical connections that make the board work. Less common are cracked or snapped boards. Even dry debris can eventually spell doom for a circuit board, given enough time and not enough care.

At Central Coast RV, we offer multiple different RV circuit board services, including free inspection and testing.

We also sell replacement circuit boards. We are an Authorized Dealer of Dinosaur Electronics Inc. PCBs, one of the leading USA-based PCB suppliers in the RV service industry, providing replacement boards for Norcold®, Dometic®, Onan®, and other major appliance brands.

Contact Us for Our Circuit Board Stock

We stock both the most common and some of the hard-to-find boards in the RV service industry, and we’re likely to have on hand exactly what you might need.

Regardless of what your kind of circuit boards your appliances are using, we at Central Coast RV will help you figure out if a snapped board or broken trace lies at the root of your RV frustrations – and help you find the right replacement.

Fun fact: did you know that printed circuit boards (PCBs) are often green for several different reasons? For one, the type of glass-reinforced epoxy laminate most often used as a solder mask PCBs (and thus the cheapest) happens to be light green. This tradition might have started in the 50s and 60s, when some companies focused on mass produced PCBs utilizing the most readily available solder mask/solder resist.

Another reason some think green was chosen is because the US military was a huge producer and commissioner of PCBs in the post-war era, choosing green for uniformity.

The green plastic substrate also contrasts nicely with the white idents used to name and identify PCB components, and – much like many surgical gowns – the green color is easier on the eyes of PCB testers, who spend many hours a day looking for faults and mistakes in PCB layouts.

That being said, PCBs do come in plenty of different colors, especially when color coding becomes important to distinguish the purposes of some boards versus others. Common ones include blue, black, red, and even white boards.

Contact us today for a free repair estimate and check out our other RV maintenance services.

Mechanical Certifications

Our qualified and trusted RV Technicians offer excellent and reliable customer service, and hold multiple professional RV certifications, including:

RV Master Technician - Central Coast RV Service
Good Sam Club - Central Coast RV Service
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