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Explore our RV repair and maintenance services and prepare for your next trip.


Annual Service

Some things can’t be put off for too long – including a total RV inspection and maintenance of all systems. However, everyone’s maintenance needs are a little different – which is why we offer multiple annual service packages to help you decide the level of inspection and maintenance you need. Our total annual service packages simplify the process of juggling and adding maintenance fees, giving you a single price tag for a huge package.

Our packages are designed to prioritize the essentials, like brake function and roof leak repairs, while providing optional maintenance services such as appliance system testing, RV awning maintenance, and so on. Find out which service package best suits your needs and put your worries to rest.



It’s not RV living without the basic luxuries of home – like hot water, warm food, and air conditioning. We help ensure that your RV continues to be a place of safety and comfort by servicing and repairing all major appliances. We service and repair water heaters, refrigerators, stoves and gas ranges, and air conditioning units.



RV roofs are prone to water damage, deterioration, and leakage. We advise our clients to come to us for semi-regular inspection, and make sure to pay us a visit after every major storm. A leaking roof can lead to a lot more damage down the road, including rotting structures, damaged appliances, and thousands of dollars spent on avoidable repairs.

Our roof services include a free inspection, repairs, and maintenance on three major types of roofing (TPO rubber, PVC, and EPDM rubber), as well as DIY materials for clients interested in maintaining and repairing their roofs themselves.


RV Solar Systems

Interested in sustainable and renewable energy for your RV appliances? Consider installing a solar power generator and power storage. RV solar power systems come with a massive variety of options nowadays to help keep you on-the-go and empower you to charge your batteries from anywhere – so you don’t always have to rely on shore power.

We’re here to explain the basics, go through your options, and advise you on the best panels for your needs and budget, and the best battery solution. We handle every step of the installation process and provide both repairs and maintenance for solar power kits.


RV Circuit Board Service

Every appliance in your camper relies on circuit or ignitor boards – and we sell and repair most of them. As an authorized dealer of Dinosaur Electronics circuit boards, we stock and repair the PCBs for all major RV appliance companies, and all major appliances. If your heater isn’t working right, or if your refrigerator broke down, there’s a chance it might be the board.

Circuit boards can corrode or break down. Components can fail. We provide thorough testing and inspection for all major appliances.

Mechanical Certifications

Our qualified and trusted RV Technicians offer excellent and reliable customer service, and hold multiple professional RV certifications, including:

RV Master Technician - Central Coast RV Service
Good Sam Club - Central Coast RV Service
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